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Welcome to The Burning Void

The ground feels cold and dry between my toes. Pinpricks of heat burn my feet with each step. I look down, and I can see forever beyond the ragged cuffs of my jeans. Clusters of stars whirl in a sluggish dance. I know there are patterns - can almost glimpse them - but they are far too expansive for me to grasp.

I don't remember how I got here. There was a dream, maybe, and then a journey. At first I counted each step I took, but I lost track weeks ago. I never tire. There's always the same cold beneath my feet, and the same burning heat of the stars.

This site will grow in time, from a skeleton with a few rags of flesh into a living, breathing creature. For now you may look at the following pages, which include links to quite a bit of other material (including, but not limited to, material for roleplayers, writers, cooks, and sysadmins):

  • Links: a sitemap of the major pages, including our RPG resources, writers' resources, cooking resources, RPG newsletter, reviews section, and the IAQ.
  • Users' home pages

Questions and comments may be directed to  for the moment. If you have a question about linking to us, or about asking us to link to you, check out our Link to Us page.

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